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    Wrexham FC (1873) is Wales's oldest association football club
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    Wrexham Cricket Club played their first game ‘at the ground by the turf tavern “on Friday 25 April 1863. In a Wrexham advertiser article, dated 8th October 1864, covering Denbighshire County Cricket Club's dinner at the Turf Tavern a speech made by their secretary Edward Manners was reported: There is one thing, gentlemen, for the great want of amusement in this town in winter time. It is my intention to purchase a football in the course of this week, and I shall expect a good many down to the field next Saturday. There are other games I should like to introduce, especially a Yorkshire one called knur and spell, a very nice game. It was only yesterday I called upon the Mayor and he said like should like to see an athletic club established in Wrexham (cheers.)

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