Ipswich Town FC founded in 1870 not 1878

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    The official Ipswich Town FC club site has a foundation date of 1878 but they can take the earlier date of the Rugby club (1870) with whom they amalgamated in 1888 to form Ipswich Town. In October 1888 the Rugby club and the Association club amalgamated with Alan Turner the club captain from 1878 presiding. (The Ipswich Journal - Friday 05 October 1888.) If my research is correct and Ipswich RFC (1870) merged into Ipswich AFC (1878) and continued as the modern day, Association playing, Ipswich Town FC, then that leaves the problem of the current Ipswich Rugby Club who claim on their website to be the 4th oldest rugby club in the world, founded in 1870. Clearly both current Ipswich clubs cannot claim the 1870 foundation, however an article from 1931 says the Ipswich Rugby Club was formed in 1920.

    If anyone has any contradictory evidence -I would be very pleased to hear from you.

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