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International Football Association Board (IFAB) 6 December 1882

As late as 1886 the Football Associations of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland were still all playing by slightly different rules, with whichever team was at home, rules applied. This was far from ideal and they were keen to start the Home Championships Tournament, so they decided to form the International Football Association Board (IFAB) on 6 December 1882 in Manchester. The first meeting of IFAB took place at the FA’s offices in 2nd June 1886 where they decided that they all had equal voting rights. Representing England from the FA were Major Marindin and Charles W Alcock, Scotland (SFA) had R Browne and A. Kennedy, Wales (FAW) had Mr. Hunter and Mr. Mills-Robert and Ireland (IFA) was represented by J Sinclair and J McAlvery.
The original document can be seen here in a FIFA pdf celebrating the 125th anniversary:

The state of the Football Association in 1867

Four years after the FA was formed in 1863 the membership was stagnant and the Hon. Sec. sent out the following letter:

The Football Association, 1867

Dear Sir, — I wish to call your attention to this Association.
It has now been in existence for nearly four years, and its rules have had the careful consideration of all the most experienced football players in the Metropolis. Read more