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LegsAldershot Military GazetteSaturday 21 October 1865

First ever female “international” football game in England May 1881

The third match in the first ever tour of female football International games between England v Scotland. The first 2 games had been played in Scotland so Blackburn hosted the first ever female game in England on the 21st May 1881.

FEMALES IN THE FOOTBALL FIELD.- Woman’s mission, according to some authorities, is to compete with man in every department of life, and some enterprising per-son has organised a team of “Lady” football players, who are understood to hail from Glasgow. On Saturday afternoon these “Ladies” played a match on the ground of the Blackburn Olympic Club, at Hole-i’th’-wall, where some 4,000 people assembled to witness their exploits. The Ladies did not play well as a team, not perhaps, having been trained to run in harness. There was no half-backs or any halves whatever about the game, each lady being in full possession of her position, and playing her own game whenever she got a chance, without much regard to the result. Neither side scored up to the call of half-time, but subsequently each side made a goal though neither was allowed to count. Shortly before the time of closing there was an excited melée in front of the goal of the Scotch- it should be stated that the game was an international one- and a goal, was neatly reckoned by the English team, who were declared the victors. Both sides soon afterwards scampered from the field.
Blackburn Standard – Saturday 28 May 1881