Book Reviews

Martin Westby’s dedicated research is a gift to all football history enthusiasts. Whilst providing a comprehensive history into the genesis of football and the importance of both Sheffield FC and Hallam FC it is the extra work that has gone into the smaller, defunct or forgotten clubs that tells the story of how engrained football was in Sheffield. Whereas some historians have shown reluctance to fully unpick the history of these clubs in a ‘ History of Sheffield Football’  Martin does so and thus acknowledges their importance in developing a city whose place in football history cannot be ignored. This well written and comprehensively researched book will become one of the must read books for all researching football’s true origins. Clive Nicholson (Co-author of  Flying Over an Olive Grove: The Remarkable Story of Fred Spiksley)

‘Martin’s new book feels like a complete life’s work and is brilliantly researched. Once I started reading I couldn’t put it down -A  a wonderful book’. Steve Basford (Chairman of Hallam Football Club)

‘It looks amazing – can’t wait to get reading. If you love football and don’t own this – WHY?’

A superb effort. I look forward to reading it thoroughly. Roy France

‘An excellent book which provides both a good narrative history of the period and also serves as an encyclopaedic reference tool’. Michael Hudson.

‘Best of luck with book launch, I thoroughly enjoyed the book, great research and very interesting especially for local footy fans’. Ray King.